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Friday, July 8th

Join us in the Square from 6pm to 11pm

Our July 8th music programming is brought to you by our Music Programming Partner Tirgan Festival!

Tirgan is proud to present Eastern Sunrise, Sarv Strings, Sarv Music Academy Daf & Tonbak Ensemble with Sholeh Haghighat in the Square, and Soley Ensemble on the Main Stage.

Performances in the Square – 6:30pm

Eastern Sunrise

Eastern Sunrise had been established in 2022 in order to illustrate the elegance and potentials of Iranian Classical music. One of its most significant purposes is to show the abilities and skills of Iranian women artists and provide a context for the artists who may had a limited scene in their own country.

Considering the important elements of Iranian traditional music, improvisation plays and important role in this band as well as composition.

Aida Khorsandi: Electronics
Behnoosh Behnamnia: Kamancheh

Performance Videos

Sarv Strings

Sarv Strings is string orchestra established in 2013 Directed by Kousha Nakhaei and Bijan Sepanji. As a part of Sarv Music Academy, Sarv Strings is focused on performing unique arrangements of Iranian music as well as Western classical music and other cultural backgrounds including Celtic, Jazz and Canadian music. Sarv Strings also commissions Canadian composers for original composition. We provide the change for advanced students to learn from playing alongside professionals. Sarv Strings holds auditions annually in September and prepares for 3 concerts during the academic year.

For this performance members of Sarv Strings will play arrangements of some of the most beloved Iranian melodies, from folk melodies from Kurdistan, and Azarbaijan to Mazandaran, and works by masters such as Ostad Saba, Khaleghi, Hossein Dehlavi, and more…

Performance Video


Kousha Nakhaei: Violin

Bijan Sepanji: Violin/Viola

Sohrab Malekzadeh: Cello

Rana Mireskandari (flute)

Saba Marzabadi (violin)

Sarv Music Academy Daf & Tonbak Ensemble

Sarv Music Academy  is a community music school founded by Shahin Fayaz, Kousha Nakhaei, and Mahin Mohajer in 2013 and provides comprehensive and engaging music education on Iranian traditional and various Western classical music instruments to students of all levels and ages in Toronto. Sarv Music Academy also offers various community music events such as Listening Clubs, workshops and more. 

Sarv Music Academy’s Daf and Tonbak Ensemble is directed by renowned percussionist Naghmeh Farahmand, and features Iranian instruments daf (frame drum) and tonbak (goblet drum) They create an exciting combination of invigorating rhythms of folk and Iranian classical music. For this performance Daf and Tonbak Ensemble is joined by vocalist and Sarv instructor Shole Haghighat in performing an exciting set of their arrangements of Iranian classical and folk music.

Performance Video


Sholeh Haghighat: Vocal

Naghmeh Farahmand: Daf, Tonbak and Direction

Maryam Sadeghi, Mina Kia, Fatima Bahadori, Ali Bahadori, Amirhossein Aslani: Daf and tonbak

Main Stage Act – 8pm

Soley Ensemble

Soleyman Vaseghi (Soley) was born in Tehran in 1946. His love of music and extraordinary voice were remarkable even from his early years. At the age of 20 his performing career began, practicing a wide variety of vocal styles. While he was a student of Sociology at the University of Tehran, he was introduced as “Soley” on National Iranian Radio and Television. In a short time Soley became very famous. He began to compose music for himself as well as for other singers. Along with other musicians, from 1979 Soley began extensive research in literature, poetry and different kinds of music.

Performance Video


Soley Vaseghi: Vocal

Javad Bathaie: Santour

Kourosh Babaei: Kamancheh

Sardar Mohammadjani: Oud

Bamdad Fotouhi: Tombak & Frame Drums

Zohreh Shahbazy: (Daf)

Buskers: 6pm

Bex in Motion

Take a spin with Bex in Motion! A show that combines comedy, acrobatics, juggling and mesmerizing hula hoop tricks. Spontaneous dance parties and outbreaks of fun and excitement for all ages! With her quirky, light-hearted attitude and ability to involve audience members, Bex puts on a show that is sure to move you!


Instagram: @bexinmotionshow

The Circus Drummer

When Drumming Skills meets Circus Debauchery!

Arty Basinski is ‘the Circus Drummer’. Combining his theatric, musical, acrobatic, circus and performance skills to put him in a league of his own. He was a finalist at the World Burlesque Games 2015 in London UK, has toured Canada, India, Australia and Europe. Played along with DJ’s, burlesque performers, circus acts, festivals, parades, private shows, corporate, weddings, parties, stagette… Arty has also done many video clips for commercials, art videos, music videos and more.​He is the house drummer for Canada’s longest running cabaret: ‘Lunacy Cabaret’, the drummer and founder for Mineta (Toronto based circus party metal band).

Bella Magic Gaia

Bella Magic is a versatile variety artist who combines a unique blend of dance with circus skills to create a hypnotic and enchanting performance. She has performed across the country, headlined Canada’s Wonderland, appeared on Canada’s Got Talent, and performed for many private celebrity events like Justin Bieber’s Dad’s birthday.

Open your minds and heart to a world of wonder and create beautiful illusions with Bella Magic.

The Chalk Chick

Ever since Jo the ChalkChick was old enough to “not eat” the chalk, it’s been impossible to keep it out of their art-making hands. After training in both oil painting and tattooing, Jo the ChalkChick pursued an apprenticeship with Toronto chalk artist Chalkmaster Dave. It was the perfect niche for their creative ingenuity and ever since Jo has become a feature of Toronto’s street culture specializing in chalk and temporary street art. 

Over the past decade, Jo has made it their goal to bring community-driven street art to street corners near you. They have been a feature at Buskerfests and cultural festivals across Canada, including Expo Quebec, Toronto Buskerfest, and Vancouver Buskerfest, and also has worked with non-profit groups including Toronto Pig Save and the street charity Dans La Rue (Montreal). Jo has also worked on projects for many clients, including Mastercard with the Toronto Maple Leafs, Corus Entertainment and Nike.


Ghostbusters: Afterlife 9:30pm

When a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.



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