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Friday, July 22nd

Join us in the square from 6pm to 11pm

Our July 22nd music programming is brought to you by our Music Programming Partner Uma Nota Cuture!

Uma Nota Culture is proud to present Maracatu Mar Aberto (and more!) in the Square and Fabiana Cozza on the Main Stage.

Performances in the Square – 6:30pm

Maracatu Mar Aberto

Maracatu Mar Aberto is a percussion and song troupe playing Maracatu de Baque Virado and other rhythms derived from the traditions of Northeastern Brazil. Translated to English as the Open Sea, the name represents the aggregated influences that have traveled from Africa to Brazil and onward to Toronto and beyond. For this performance Mar Aberto is joined by special guest from Brazil, Pitoco de Aira.
Founded by Artistic Director Alex Bordokas in 2010, the group is comprised of dedicated musicians and students who hone their craft with year round weekly rehearsals and classes.
On stage or in the street, they are rhythm, song and movement. A living tradition of Afro-Brazilian rhythm in a local context – not a folkloric representation- working collectively on the artistry and heritage that is Maracatu de Baque Virado.


Sing With Ukraine

Sing with Ukraine is a grassroots effort by Eastern European artists, started after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24th. What began as a gathering of friends processing grief together through song, has now become a journey and resistance effort through Toronto’s bars and music venues. We interrupt the pre-scheduled programming to celebrate Ukrainian identity, to show the humanity and culture of those affected, and to awaken ourselves and our city from indifference.


Rudy Ray Group

From an Afro-funk base, the Rudy Ray Group reimagines songs of old and new, black and blue. Rudy Ray is an Ghanaian-Canadian activist, actor and trumpeter based in Toronto. From a neuroscience degree from University of Toronto to getting nominated for the 2020 Juno award for best hip hop album recording with appearances in blockbuster movies, focusing on black culture, mental health tips through writing, self-expression with love and trumpet, Rudy recently joined 50+ other artists in an event to raise funds in support of those affected by the war in Ukraine.


Main Stage Act – 8pm

Fabianna Cozza

Pleasure to meet. Samba.

To meet Fabiana Cozza is to meet this great rhythm. In person. The Brazilian diva goes way beyond the samba that travels the world and parades the avenues each Carnival. Fabiana brings the ancient samba in her hands and in her voice, an echo from the terreiros, where the old Afro traditions meet, the colors of Bahia and the rhythm from the samba circles in Rio de Janeiro. The samba that fathered Bossa Nova is the samba that finds a home in this singer who stands next to Cesária Évora and Omara Portuondo.

  1. She was the winner of the Best Samba Singer 2012 in the Brazilian Music Award. She is revered by the public and Brazilian composers, and cheered by international audiences.

Now her mission is to show the world the gift she received from her father, a great samba musician who gave his daughter a living heritage: the samba in her voice and in her soul.

Website: www.fabianacozza.com.br

Social media: fabianacozza

Buskers: 6pm

The Fire Guy

I am Brant Matthews, aka The Fire Guy!

  • Experienced – I have been Entertaining in the streets of Toronto since 1997
  • Courageous – I was a member of Jackie Chan stunt team for the movie Taxido
  • Captivating – I performed in the half time of Toronto Raptors
  • Durable – I perform an Ice Skating show in winter festivals and outdoor effects
  • Original – Winner of the Guinness award for 2017
  • Fun to work with – Speaks and performs in both French and English
  • Can drive a Honda Civic – Regularly performs in Florida, Wisconsin, and New York

Website: www.thefireguy.com

Spencer Scurr Magician

Spencer Scurr believes that a good performance tells a story, but a great performance gives you a story to tell. Spencer has studied the art of magic in Las Vegas, and has performed in some strange places, from the middle of the Nevada Desert, to the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

Website: spencerscurr.com

Mister Twister

My name is Caleb Gazley, and I’m a balloon entertainer known as “Mister Twister”. I have been a balloon artist for over a decade.

I have a repertoire of well over 1000 balloon models… many being my own designs. I love a challenge!

I love balloons but these days you are likely to catch me preforming my one-man interactive comedy stunt show.


Belfast: 9:30pm

A young boy and his working-class Belfast family experience the tumultuous late 1960s



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