A Summer Celebration of
Music, Dance, Food & Film

Friday, July 29th

Join us in the Square from 6pm to 11pm

Our July 29th music programming is brought to you by our Music Programming Partner Small World Music!

Small World Music is proud to present incredible music acts from around the world in the Square and on the Main Stage.

Performances in the Square – 6:30pm

Baque Semente

Coletivo Semente led by Brazilian percussionist Mari Palhares brings the rhythms and movement from Afro Brazilian drumming tradition of Maracatu de Baque virado.

This century old cultural manifestation from the northeast of Brazil, mix powerful drumming and song. Maracatu has its roots in the sugar fazendas and slave estates of Pernambuco state, where black African slaves formed religious brotherhoods to preserve African culture and heritage.

Big Smoke Brass Band

Big Smoke Brass has firmly established itself as a leading voice in the Canadian brass band landscape since its inception in the summer of 2017. The band got its start playing on the streets of Toronto, and quickly garnered a strong following thanks to its ear-catching sound and strong group dynamic.

The band released their new EP, “Bass Camp” at the end of 2021, having recorded and produced the album entirely by themselves in the year prior. The band released their latest music video (“Underthink”) with the Drom Artists Collective of Drom Taberna, a regular performance home of the band since 2018.

In endeavouring to spread positivity wherever they go, Big Smoke Brass continues to foster a sense of community with their listeners while helping to spread their music through educational outreach. The band can still be found performing on the streets of Toronto in the Summer, as well as maintaining a busy schedule of shows & events throughout the year.

Main Stage Act – 8pm

Yani Borrell

Solo artist Yani Borrell has emerged as a powerful entertainer with a unique voice and passion, embodying true Salsa expression. Born in Camaguey, Cuba, he began his professional career at the age of 17 when he became the lead singer of  “Grupo Musical Constitución”,  former “Orquesta Ideal” a well-known orchestra from his native town. Later, his experience travelling with different show bands in Cuba and performing in key venues in the country helped him to develop his distinctive vocal style and dynamic stage presence. 

Since moving to Toronto in 2004, Yani Borrell has dominated the Latin music scene in Canada. He has been the co-founder of one of the most important Latin bands in Canada, and he has shared the stage with Salsa legends such as Andy Montañez, Cándido Fabré , Pupy y los que Son Son, and Los Van Van amoung others. Yani’s performances are high energy crowd pleasers,  where the audience is always up and dancing. He has entertained at many events and festivals held across Canada.

His self-titled, debut album “Yani Borrell”, is an artistic piece of work. Produced by Roberto Linares Brown, a well-known musician, arranger and composer, this album offers a new flavor to the Latin music scene with fresh melodies and excellent arrangements, firmly rooted in authentic Cuban rhythms. It has been listed as one of the best Salsa albums produced in Canada in the last 10 years.

​Yani Borrell is considered one of the best exponents of modern day Salsa. With his unique style, powerful voice and distinguished look, there is no doubt that will keep conquering hearts all over the world. Que viva la Salsa!

Buskers: 6pm

Eman Aerialist

Eman is an award winning performer and professional aerialist based in Toronto, she is the founder of Dancing in Circles: Aerial Dance Studio, and co-founder at CirQular Motion (focussing on rehab and conditioning for circus artists and dancers). She works as an actress, dancer, aerialist and model for companies such as Paramount, LG, the CEBL,Samsung and much more! Eman discovered aerial arts in 2016 and was hooked immediately. She specializes in bar apparatus’ such as aerial hoop, lollipop lyra and pole.

Money Fish – Hercinia Arts Collective

Hercinia Arts Collective is a multi-disciplinary company whose aim is to blur the boundaries between traditional performance and visual art forms and bring people into art. Founded by Natalie Parkinson (acrobat, dancer) and Emily Hughes (aerialist, actor) in 2009, we create dynamic physical performances that engage with an audience through story, complexity of theme and human spectacle. In 2012, we incorporated as a not-for-profit, to allow for further opportunities in creation of new works for a varied spectrum of audiences.

Mister Twister

My name is Caleb Gazley, and I’m a balloon entertainer known as “Mister Twister”. I have been a balloon artist for over a decade.

I have a repertoire of well over 1000 balloon models… many being my own designs. I love a challenge!

I love balloons but these days you are likely to catch me preforming my one-man interactive comedy stunt show.

Steve Goodtime

A hilarious rock n’ roll circus show performed by the super handsome and witty Steve Goodtime. With routines including juggling, fire breathing/eating, tennis racket contortion, rola bola, and a terrifying finale while balanced atop a 15′ tall pole being held up by volunteers! He’s also great at air guitar, high fives, and kick jumps. Steve isn’t the only one that gets to have all the fun, there is plenty of volunteer participation in the show but if you don’t make it up on stage, you’ll feel like you’re in the front row of an 80’s rock concert (big hair is encouraged)!


Minari: 9:30pm

A Korean family starts a farm in 1980s Arkansas.



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